Rock statue mystery

by Kelly I came across this really cool story about rock statues that "just appeared" in Toronto's Humber River over the long weekend. Many residents didn't see the artist that created them and speculated that at least two people must have created them under the cover of darkness. I think they look really interesting.  They... Continue Reading →


by Kelly Although we love living in the country, one of the few things we miss about the city is having a movie theatre right around the corner. Both Dave and I love movies but now that we have to drive to go see one rather than walk around the corner, it's more of an... Continue Reading →

My guilty pleasure…

by Kelly Ok, we all have our guilty pleasures - mine typically involves avoiding house cleaning by reading my favourite blogs (see side panel), catching up on my twitter feeds and MyAlltop...all the while sipping on a Diet Coke and listening to my favourites mix on iTunes.  And part of my iTunes mix almost always... Continue Reading →

Link Love

by Kelly As usual, I haven't had a lot of time to write - well, I've written lots but haven't had a lot of time to make it the least bit cohesive and legible for posting here.  Also as usual however, I have a ton of tabs open and bookmarked pages that have made this week's reading... Continue Reading →

Who is Stuart Cable?

by Kelly Stuart Cable was one of the founding members of the Stereophonics and he passed away on Monday, June 7th.  He was only 40 years old.  Although he left Stereophonics in 2003 amid rumours of disputes with his bandmates over his lack of commitment, both Kelly Jones and Richard Jones have stated that they patched... Continue Reading →

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