Who wins?

The 85th Academy Awards takes place this Sunday, February 24th.  A four minute video featuring clips of every film that has won a best picture Oscar asks the question "Next?" before showing clips from the nine pictures nominated this year.  I love this video and am looking forward to finding out who wins best picture... Continue Reading →

I like Tumblr.  It doesn't replace this blog but is a nice way to reblog items of interest quickly - I also like the fact that I can actually post something to Tumblr from my phone easily.  As I get older I find I have less free time to "muck about" with technology - ease... Continue Reading →

For the love of music

Dave Grohl debuted his new documentary Sound City: Reel to Reel at the Sundance Film Festival.  It's a true celebration of music specifically focused on the Sound City music studio and the artists who made records there.  You can read more about the film here.  To launch the documentary, Grohl asked many of the musicians... Continue Reading →

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