My guilty pleasure…

by Kelly

Ok, we all have our guilty pleasures – mine typically involves avoiding house cleaning by reading my favourite blogs (see side panel), catching up on my twitter feeds and MyAlltop…all the while sipping on a Diet Coke and listening to my favourites mix on iTunes.  And part of my iTunes mix almost always includes a Tom Jones song.

I grew up listening to Tom Jones as he was one of my mom’s favourites.  Imagine my delight in later years to find out he shares his home country with one of my all time favourite groups, Stereophonics.  I was lucky enough to spend a fair amount of time in Wales, most specifically in the Cardiff area (I even sat beside Rhys Ifans at a chip shop in Cardiff Bay one afternoon…he eats mushy peas by the way…).

Ok, back to my guilty pleasure – Mr. Jones has released a new album called Praise and Blame.  Although his record company has made some questionable comments about his choice of material, I’ve read nothing but positive reviews.  My favourite appeared in a Q Magazine article: “Seventy years old; his voice better than ever; still “kicking the shit out of everything”: ‘unusual’ doesn’t do him justice.”

Here is a video of him performing on Jools Holland’s Later back in May:

And of course, how can I resist both Tom Jones AND Stereophonics:

Another one of my favourites – this always makes my Christmas mix – is Tom Jones and Cerys Matthews from another band I love, Catatonia.

Ok, I’m almost done.  I can’t end without sharing the song that went to number 3 on the UK singles charts in 2000, Sex Bomb.

And another collaboration with the boys from Cwmaman.

I will end with a dedication to @suze20TO…only Robbie Williams can carry leather pants…here they are at the Brit Awards (in 1998 I believe but I couldn’t find a date on this video).

2 thoughts on “My guilty pleasure…

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  1. I’m a Tom Jones fan too – heard a lot at home when I was growing up as well. A class act and amazing show of staying young through pop music ! I’ll be sure to check out his latest.


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