Link Love

by Kelly

As usual, I haven’t had a lot of time to write – well, I’ve written lots but haven’t had a lot of time to make it the least bit cohesive and legible for posting here.  Also as usual however, I have a ton of tabs open and bookmarked pages that have made this week’s reading list.  I thought if they interest me, they might interest someone else out there too so here goes.

  • Note to self:  speaking to a reporter from Rolling Stone Magazine might – just might mind you – result in your words being published.  Oh, and mocking your boss publicly is a bad idea…McChrystal Prepared to Resign
  • Although I get a lot of my news via Twitter, I was uncomfortable when the Attorney General of Utah tweeted that he had given the go ahead to execute a convicted murderer.  You can read the whole story here.
  • I’m a big fan of Malcolm Gladwell and always enjoy his blog.  You can read about his greatest triumph(his words)  here.
  • I vaguely recognized the name Ray Kurzweil when I spotted it as I was browsing through headlines on myalltop.  This is a really interesting article in the New York Times about righting e-reader wrongs…Mr. Kurzweil is a fascinating personality in the tech world.
  • The thought of any politician – even one that I admire as much as President Obama – having an internet kill switch makes me nervous.  The fact that it has been sponsored by the Chairman of the Homeland Security committee does nothing to ease my mind.

Those are some of the things that caught my attention.  Oh, and did you read about the earthquake in Ontario today?

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