The “Geek A Week” project

by Kelly

I found this great art project – the goal is to connect with 52 influential “geeks” from across a variety of disciplines and create a trading card for them.  Here’s the “about” summary from the web site:

Geek A Week is a one year art challenge to connect with 52 influential geeks from different disciplines(art, movies, TV, computing, science). A trading card portrait complete with stats will be created each week of the featured geek.  By doing this, it completes the requirements for the challenge.

The art work is what originally grabbed my attention – and the project itself reminds me of one currently being done by a friend of mine called 365InCamera.

I’m not sure I would consider myself a geek but so far, know all of the subjects of these trading cards – I either follow them on twitter through my technology list, read their blog or articles on my Alltop page and/or listen to their podcasts.

The art is wonderful and the write ups on the back of the cards – done by Paul and Storm – are quirky and hilarious.  I already can’t wait to see who the next “Geek of the Week” is going to be.  How about Wil Weaton, Felicia Day or Joss Whedon?  Or maybe some less obvious choices – George R.R. Martin, Alan Tudyk or Xeni Jardin?

This week – week 12 – is Major Nelson, who is the public face of XBox Live – and also known as Larry Hyrb, Director of Programming for Xbox Live.

Here is a copy of the “facts” side of his card.  I love the artists take on the various personalities and accomplishments of the subject and the “facts” as written by Paul and Storm just continue to build on the theme.

You really need to go to the site though and check out all of the cards and information about the artist, Len Peralta.

It’s a terrific project but only a small sample of this artist’s work.

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