New Music Find: Sky Larkin

by Kelly

First formed in 2005, this indie band from Leeds, UK released their debut album The Golden Spike in February of 2009.  I first saw their name mentioned in a short online article about Wichita Recordings (I didn’t bookmark the article & can seem to find it) who are the independent record label that signed Bloc Party, The Cribs, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and a number of other now successful artists.  I was catching up on some online reading this morning and saw them mentioned again in a BBC News article titled “The best albums you never heard in 2009“.  I remembered the band name and then my attention was really caught when the article noted that Sky Larkin’s debut album had been produced by the same producer used by Death Cab for Cutie (John Goodmanson).  I looked them up on YouTube and so far, really like their sound.

And finally, here’s a short interview with the band:

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