Songs From TV

by Kelly

This post was inspired by a post over at My Life Is Like A Song called My Year In Music.  I really don’t watch a lot of TV – according to Digital Home, the average Canadian watched 1500 hours of television in 2008, or about 28.8 hours per week.  In comparison, we watch about 15 hours per week.  We have our regular shows mixed in with a bit of CNN, CBCNN and Discovery Channel.

We do find a lot of songs and artists however through these TV shows or sometimes hear an old favourite that we need to add back onto our playlist.  And thanks to @Suze20TO, I can now look them up quickly on TuneFind.

Here are 5 of my favourites from TV in 2009:

Iron & Wine – Love Vigilantes

From the House episode titled “Broken” which aired September 21, 2009.  This is a cover of New Order’s original song, released in 1985 on their Low Life album.  I love the original song and was thrilled to hear this new take.

And here’s New Order peforming live in New York in 2005:

The Frames – Seven Day Mile

From the same episode of House as the Iron & Wine song above, I absolutely love this song by The Frames.  They are an Irish band based out of Dublin and have been around since 1990.  Their founder, Glen Hansard, actually played a role in 1991’s The Committments (I read that he regretted this choice as he felt it detracted from his music). 

Greg Laswell – Your Ghost

This song appeared in the December 11, 2009 episode of Joss Whedon’s The Dollhouse.  The episode was titled A Love Supreme.  As a side note, The Dollhouse has received a lot of criticism but in my opinion, critics simply didn’t give the show enough time to mature – it’s true story takes more than 20 episodes to build and my hope is that another channel picks this show up so it can continue.

Joy Division – Love Will Tear Us Apart

From the Criminal Minds episode titled The Performer which aired on November 11, 2009.  I loved hearing this song again as I hadn’t heard it in quite a while and although New Order does perform it, Ian Curtis had such a distinctive voice that I like the version with him singing better.  This song appeared on Joy Division’s second album Closer, released in 1980 shortly after Ian Curtis’ death.

Brendan James – The Sun Will Rise

This song appeared in an episode of Bones titled The Bones On The Blue Line which aired November 30, 2009.  I don’t know too much about this singer-songwriter but I fell in love with his voice. 

Thanks again to @Suze20TO for the inspiration – and the practical suggestion of using TuneFind so that I could finally consolidate all of my notes that contained partial song names or lyrics from TV shows and put some form of post together.

5 thoughts on “Songs From TV

Add yours

  1. Thank you for being inspired by my post…funny though, my tv list (that I haven’t finished yet, but was planning to before Year End) will be completely different to yours…same tool…different shows 🙂

    And speaking of music you wish you had more time for…there are so many songs from tv shows I didn’t find (although I did find a lot this year). I had hoped to use Tune Find to find more. One of them…wait for it…was the song written for Grey’s Anatomy season finale in May. Just reminded of it while looking into your artists…Greg Laswell’s Off I Go…downloading it with a couple of days to go before New Year’s. Thanks for the lead.


    1. Lol on Greg Laswell! Very cool that he wrote a song just for that season finale and even cooler that both of us picked out the same artist even though we watch different shows.


  2. I also loved “The Worst Day Since Yesterday” by Flogging Molly that appeared on an Episode of Stargate Universe. I only discovered this song because I was looking up “Whistles the Wind” by Flogging Molly which appeared in a Bones Episode (“The Man with the Bone”, Apr ‘06). Needless to say, I picked up the Flogging Molly Album “Swagger”.


  3. Some nice tracks there Kelly, funny how I can easily imagine TV scenes playing out with these tracks (maybe the exception of Joy Division – which my the way seemed a fast tempo version than the original).


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