My complaint about “best of” lists was premature…

by Kelly

So apparently I jumped the gun complaining about the lack of “best of” lists from the Noughties.  Now the lists are coming out fast and furious – both of the decade-ending and the traditional year-in-review types. 

Here is one I stumbled across at  titled “Top 10 Buzzwords” for 2009:

1. Sexting

2. Public Option

3. Autotune

4. Wise Latina

5. Death Panel

6. Birther

7. Opposite Marriage

8. Summer of Death

9. Beer Summit

10. Green Shoots

Although familiar with most (I stress the word most only because I was not aware that President Obama had been accused of being a birther – and yes, I can almost write that with a straight face…almost) of the news stories associated with these words, I didn’t realise that they had been turned into “buzzwords”.  For those of you equally uninformed, I’ve linked to the meaning of each as defined/explained by Time.

And no, I don’t know why I am so fascinated with “best of” lists…I just am.

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