The “Reality” of Clean Coal

Tonight I saw a new parody commercial put on by  The commercial was  directed by the Coen Brothers and pretty much had me rolling on the floor with laughter.

To be honest, those crazy “clean coal” commercials that have been airing on US television through most of the presidential race and still continue, have been causing me to frown – they really did not seem to be particulary credibal – other than saying “Clean” 8 times, they did not offer any explanation as to what “Clean” meant in the context of burning coal.  My expectation would be that “Clean” would mean ZERO C02 emmisions.  Apparently, that is NOT what they mean.  I read in another article (I’m paraphrasing this article) that greenhouse gas emmissions from coal are an order of magnatude (10x) worse than emmisions from vehicals – and yet almost the entire consumer focus is on hybrid vehicals – probably the result of savy marketing dudes seeing an opportunity.  The article went on to say that if we turned off every single car and ran the current coal opperations as they are today, global warming will continue and be at dangerous levels in only 10 years.
It’s unfortunate, but there still is no quick fix – we cannot save the plannet by getting a snappy new Prius!  Check out to see more information and some of their other parodies.  The Parodies are pretty funny, and hopefully it will help spread the word that coal (regardless of it its’ cleanliness) is NOT the answer!

2 thoughts on “The “Reality” of Clean Coal

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  1. Great post and I couldn’t agree more – on both your assessment of the commercial and your point on “clean” coal. There’s something that just doesn’t sit right with me about coal companies defining the word “clean”…


  2. Thanks for commenting Kelly, I would have missed the occasion of Eco’s first post – missed the small “posted by Eco” line !We need a good reminder sometimes what the real (and overlooked) environmental problems are in the world.


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