Okonomi, hockey and peas

So you’re probably wondering what any of these things have in common, yes? Well, on valentines day, David and I went to one of our favourite Toronto restaurants, The Okonomi House. It is one of the things we miss most since our move “Out Here” so it was great to make some time to enjoy one of our favourites.

My sister Tracey can’t remember the Okonomi House even though she worked right up the street, so I’ve included a picture for reference – besides, the orange lamps look cool. And I also drove by the place hundreds of times without noticing it until David took me there when we started dating. It is somewhat non-descript.

After a very delicious dinner, we headed down the the ACC and the hockey game. Davids’ Toronto Maple Leafs (and mine too although they fall second in my worship of the Habs) were taking on his second favourite team, the Pittsburgh Penguins. He had the best attitude about the game though, figuring that no matter the outcome, he couldn’t feel bad either way since he’s such a fan of both teams. And yes, he is the better and more reasonable person in our relationship – I always hope the Habs put a beating on the Leafs that they won’t soon forget, even though I hope for the Leafs success in all other situations. Yes, bad me.

The Leafs played a wonderful game and ended up winning with a very strong finish in the third period after a somewhat shaky performance in the first.

And now to the peas which any of you reading (thanks Suze), are probably pretty curious about. Well, at one point in the game, midway through the third period I think, I noticed that there was a bag of peas sitting on the floor by my feet. Yep, peas – not frozen peas but just a plain plastic bag of peas. Here’s the proof. Who brings peas to a hockey game? And why? Something to make you go hmmmm…….

3 thoughts on “Okonomi, hockey and peas

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  1. LOL – exactly. I love peas and agree with your “yum” criteria but at a hockey game? And when you buy a bottle of pop or water at the game, they don’t let you have the cap (remember last James concert?) – I guess cause you might fling it onto the ice or at someone – but no one flagged the peas? You could take out an eye or something…=)


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