Sushi-sized Music Interview Show

Okay, I just had to use that title. This is how ITV’s “The Hot Desk” describes itself in one of their trailers and I thought it was brilliant. I am always interested in any show that focuses on British music and in Canada, they’re not always easy to find! The show does interview musicians from outside of the UK as well (Plain White T’s and Maroon 5 for example) but seems to focus primarily on British artists.

This show has been created for cell phone users – mobile users in the UK can download the interviews right to their devices (hence the reference to “sushi-sized”). Although it doesn’t work outside of the UK, you can still go up to the website to see the clips or as always, head over to YouTube.

So here are a few of my favourite clips. I like this Liam Gallagher interview in part because it’s his wife, Nicole Appleton doing the interviewing. Is she warning him with her eyes do you think? Also love his choice of The Stone Roses for background music. This is part one of a two-part interview – you can see part two here.

I was delighted to find a clip of Stereophonics as I don’t often get a chance to see them interviewed. I particularly like Kelly Jones’ comment about talking to James Blunt at the Q Awards.

And here’s Travis talking about what they would have been doing if not making music.

I’m happy to have found the show as it gives me a chance to see some of my favourites interviewed and maybe find some new music I haven’t heard before but that is making it in the UK. Although I understand the concept of the short clips, I always wish for longer interviews with my favourites of course!

Currently listening to: Same Jeans – The View

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