My Favourite Band Of All Time

The Clash. I know it almost sounds cliche since so many people name The Clash as their favourite band of all time, but I guess there’s a reason for that. The first time I heard their records was in 1979/80 and I fell in love with their music and their lyrics. It was so different to anything I had heard before.

This love of all things Clash was renewed recently when I watched Joe Strummer: The Future Is Unwritten, a 2007 documentary directed by Julien Temple. This link will take you to a review that is pretty balanced, outlining the good and the bad of the film but for me, there is no bad – I loved every minute of it! As an aside, I really would make a terrible film and music critic as I’m not objective enough when it comes to what I love.

Lots of people appear in the film although I had a hard time finding the individual clips. Here’s one from Johnny Depp but others in the movie include Bono, Steve Buscemi, John Cusack and Mick Jagger.

And here’s The Edge inducting The Clash into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame (as my nephew would say, “bad word” at the end of this clip so don’t play it too loudly):

If you love music and particularly if you love The Clash, you must see this film.

Currently listening to: White Riot, The Clash

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  1. Thanks for the reminder for the movie (saw it in the TMN listings the other day).I actually saw the Clash once, but like a few “missed” others, the timing and arrangement (opening for The Who in 1982) wasn’t very good.But it is the earlier stuff that I do like to listen to and tracks like Spanish Bombs, Lost in the Supermarket and Rudie can’t Fail (all from London Calling) get frequent airplay in my iTunes rotation.


  2. Thanks for the comment! I did manage to see them at Exhibition Stadium in September of 1982. The big Clash-related story then was that Topper (the drummer) had just been sacked. There’s a review and set list here. I mostly remember being excited to be there – I didn’t sit down once! And of course, all the people…there were almost 20,000 people at that concert. I’m very glad I got to experience them live(even though the sound quality was dubious to say the least).


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