25 Things About Me…

This is also posted in facebook but I figured I would add it here as well.

  1. I was born in London, Ontario. I moved to Pointe Claire, Quebec in 1969 and then to Mississauga, Ontario in 1980. I then spent some time living in Maple, Ontario and in downtown Toronto. I now call Clifford, Ontario home.
  2. At 22 inches, I was the longest baby born in the hospital up until then. Interestingly, David and I were born in the same hospital in London, Ontario almost a year apart.
  3. My blood type is AB positive – only 2.5% of Canadians have this blood type.
  4. Almost two years ago, my partner David and I decided it was time for a life change – we wanted to be closer to family and have somewhere for him to open his own blacksmithing business. So, we picked up stakes and moved from a 15th floor condo in downtown Toronto to a house on 18 acres near the small town of Clifford, Ontario (about 1 hour north of Waterloo). I’ve always wanted to live in the country so it’s a dream come true for me!
  5. I can drive pretty much any vehicle – car, truck, tractor, etc. More importantly, I can parallel park any of them anywhere – it is my superpower.
  6. I love all animals, insects, reptiles, etc. We have a catch and release policy in our house for all living things unless the circumstances are dire. This means there’s lots of jumping on furniture clutching various containers and yelling “it’s coming your way – get it!”.
  7. The only animal that really creeps me out are bats – small, sneaky and mobile, they’re just one big *shiver*. They make me shut my eyes, block my ears and repeat “la, la, la, la, la” until someone gives me the all clear.
  8. I have a tatoo on my left shoulder blade and a couple of piercings. I love body art but age and having to earn a living constrain my expression somewhat…although I will likely get at least one more tatoo. And yes, it had my mother breathing into a paper bag.
  9. I am a former smoker and proud of the fact that I quit because damnit, it was hard.
  10. I have a sister who is almost 4 years younger than me. She is my hero.
  11. Between David and I, we have three nephews and two neices: Devin, Ryan, Emerson, Tyler and Chelsea. I can not imagine my life without them.
  12. I am a gamer. I love computer games and am addicted to World of Warcraft (for you non-geeks out there, it’s the largest multi-player, online game around with 11 million players). Don’t push me, or my druid will kick your butt!
  13. I have two middle names: Ann and Elizabeth. I was named after my grandmothers. Somehow, my birth certificate was filled out with Ann spelled without an “e”. My maternal grandmother spelled it with an “e” so I guess that caused some family drama back in the day.
  14. I love music and have since I bought my first album at age 11 (Hotel California by The Eagles). I go to as many concerts as I can. At one time I was probably one of the youngest concert-goers in the audience (I saw my first concert at age 13 – Aerosmith in the Montreal Forum) but now I’m usually one of the oldest! My most recent concert was James Blunt and so far, upcoming concerts include Glasvegas and Serena Ryder. I am lucky that David and our good friends S&P share my passion and excitement over finding new music or getting concert tickets. There’s always someone to talk music with!
  15. Sadly, I am distinctly untalented musically. I took guitar lessons as a child but they didn’t stick. One of the things I admire most in other people is an ability to sing, play, write and read music.
  16. I love to read. I love books and bookstores. They are my kryptonite.
  17. I love to write and have actually started a blog. I haven’t written much yet but plan to going forward. I just have to get used to writing in the blog rather than on little post-it notes and notebooks. You can see the blog here if you are interested: http://dogtownblogs.blogspot.com/ (redundant if you are reading this here since this is it).
  18. I love to garden. One of my biggest joys at moving to the country was having lots of space to indulge my love of all things garden.
  19. We put in a vegetable garden last year and were delighted to get a great crop our first time out. I canned a bunch of the tomatoes into salsa and other tomato-related stuff. Reminds me of my mom.
  20. After many years of scoffing at the game of golf, I learned to play three years ago and love it! Shhhh…don’t tell. I have clubs, shoes and everything.
  21. I am a procrastinator. It’s why I am doing the “25 things about me” list instead of the other ten things that I really should be doing.
  22. I love shoes. I have more shoes than things to wear with them.
  23. I have no fashion sense. I wear mostly black simply because it goes with everything and I don’t have to worry about matching. If I find something I like, I usually buy 2 or 3 of them. If I can, I take my sister shopping with me when I have to buy new clothes because she actually has taste.
  24. I don’t like clutter. It makes me feel claustrophobic.
  25. We don’t have any pets but our neighbours dog Maggie has adopted us (they are the only other family living on our road besides us). She now splits her time between our house and hers and I suspect, rules both households.

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