Things that have caught my attention this week…….

Although my posts have been few, they seem to be about “big” topics. So here’s one that isn’t. Following are a few places, faces and frivolity around the internet that have grabbed my attention. Maybe they’ll grab yours too.

I love these goblets. Aren’t they beautiful?

I can’t seem to get over my fascination with the U.S. election (my other half refers to it as an obsession; I say he’s exaggerating…ok, maybe only slightly exaggerating…ok, so maybe he’s not exaggerating at all but he loves me and puts up with it). Here is a link to the 10 Most Notorious Presidential Pardons according to Time Magazine. The truly scary thought is, who will President Bush pardon?

I’d love to get a bottle of wine wrapped up in this. ‘Tis the season for gift giving and all that.

A good friend is doing a lot to raise awareness about green issues. You can read her blog here as she has a number of great posts relating to this topic. I found this article in Style At Home that has some good ideas as well.

I love “wellies” and was thrilled to find this blog post at This Is Glamorous (there’s lots of other beautiful and wonderful things here along with the wellies).

I really like the look of letterpress. I found the Letterpress Light shop online. They have lovely stationary and cards.

And finally, since I can’t seem to leave the Canadian election alone either, here’s an always interesting blog over at the National Post called Full Comment.

So now you have a better idea of my surfing habits. Somewhat erratic? And to think, I haven’t even included music, movies or books which are some of my all-time favourite things!

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